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Creating the Scanner

Thanks to Daniel Amesberger we had the chance to create a medical device. Its a case for an iphone. On the iphone we played a video.

The creation of the case happened in a cad system and with different 3D printers. First test failed, but the third try with the high resolution printer (18hours printing time) was a success. The case got painted with metallic spray.

Sound FX

Now that the image is final its time to focus on the sound FX. Lukas Hasitschka, our sound engineer, was working hard the last few days to get the inside and outside worlds ready.

A lot of experiments with the microphone under water were finally leading in the right direction. Also endless sounds from libraries and foley he recorded in various places all over town will create the illusion of our two very different “locations”.

After long hours together in his studio, we are now as good as done. One very important sound is missing though: the crying baby. And we hope for a good soundfile from a good friend who just got father a few weeks ago. Wish us luck!