The Cast & Crew


Thanks to all of our volunteers!


Nadine Friedrich – Mother
Susanne Gschwendtner – Nurse
Martin Fabini – Father
Viktor Krüger – Doctor
Norbert Holoubek – Scientist
Reinhold Kammerer – Security


Director & Script: Arne v. Nostitz-Rieneck
Storyboard: Maria Pavlova
Text: Michael Rittmannsberger
Dop: Alex Haspel
1AC: Boris Steiner
2AC: Georg Kirsch
Gaffer: Nelson Eisenhart
Producer: Jakob Slavicek
Unitmanager: Andreas Ladengruber
Set-manager: Robert Passini
Props – Studio: Stefan Steiner
Setdresser: Birgit Wieczorek
Assistent: Florian Slavicek
Construction: Andreas Lackinger & Valentin
VJ Artist: Nicole Boigner
Warderobe & Modeling: Miriam Ruschka
Makeup Artist: Alexandra Elena
Recording, Sound Design & Mix: Lukas Hasitschka – Sound42
Composer: Paul Gallister
Catering: Markus Harthum & Maria Otter

Gallo y Pollo FILM (c) 2014

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